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Bachelors Abroad

Watch for the New Reality Series about A Foreign Affair, “Bachelors Abroad”

A Foreign Affair is the focus of a new reality show on National Geographic entitled, “Bachelors Abroad.”

The series will follow A Foreign Affair tour clients as they travel to countries around the world and try to find their one true love.

You can watch as single American men explore foreign cities, unique cultures, and exciting new relationships. They will attend introduction socials, one-on-one dates, and try to spend time with the women they are most interested in.

A Foreign Affair’s co-founder and President, John Adams, personally hosts the tour and helps each tour client with any issues he may be having. Whether it’s a client who is too shy or one who is attempting to meet women who are too young, John steps in and professional advises them and how they can improve their experience and meet more single women! This show is a realistic, honest look into the world of international dating and romance tours.

We are excited here at A Foreign Affair that National Geographic and the new reality show “Bachelors Abroad” is attempting to show a real-life example of international dating in the real world. The idea of a “mail-order bride” is dismissed, as it should be, and the audience is exposed to the truly inviting world of international relationships, travel, and love.

“Bachelors Abroad” premiered on Saturday, January 12th, 2013 on the National Geographic Channel.

Bachelors Abroad

Johns Thoughts - January 16th 2013

So I have been asked about a million times (which is a good thing!) what I thought about the new National Geographic Show, Bachelors Abroad. I have to say that for the first one, I thought the show was amazing. I really give all the credit to the production company; they did an incredible job giving the complexity of the project. I have been conducting tours for 18 years now and they are still difficult for me, but for this crew to come in and capture what happens during the tour the way they did without disturbing the tour in any way was astonishing. To a person, they were a pleasure to work with and got along with the men and women, which is obvious from the show.

When we were first asked by the production company to do Bachelors Abroad, we were a bit hesitant, as we are with most media, only for the fact that we did not want to disrupt the tour in any way. Our first and foremost priority is our clients' success, both the men and the women, and having media on the tour can be a distraction. We spoke with the tour members that were already signed up for that particular tour and they were fine with it and many wanted to actually participate, so we decided to go ahead with it. Anyone who joined the tour subsequent to that was told about the show and if they were not comfortable with being on that tour they could choose another (no one opted for that though, everyone was very interested although not everyone wanted to actually participate in the show, which was fine).

There were quite a few clients on that tour and the crew followed more than the three featured, I think they had to finally limit it to three due to time constraints. I know they only used a very small percentage of the total film that was shot, which is probably normal, but there was so much more I wish you could have seen.

The group of guys on this tour was fantastic. Our tours always seem to attract great guys, but this one was really special. I will never forget some of the guys on the tour and I know they will never forget their experiences as well! There were some really special relationships that came out of that tour, we have some that are in the fiancée visa process now - it was very successful!

I want to give a special thanks to Joe, Bill, and Bob. Not easy to do what they did and put themselves out there for millions of people to see, but they did it and I think they did great! All three of them were really trying to find that special someone. As was stated on the show, it was not their first time, as a matter of fact, Bill had met and married his wife on one of our previous tours and after many years it simply did not work out. I have no doubt that we will again be able to help Bill meet the woman of his dreams if he did not do so this time, he is still in touch with some of the women that he did meet.

Bob has more energy than anyone I have ever met and is a great guy. He has been on a few tours and had even helped us out on one in the past, but he is serious about finding that right woman. I was leading a tour when I met Tanya at a social, so I know it can happen anytime! I know Bob continues to correspond with women that he has met and hopefully one of them will be the one, and if not I am sure he will keep looking.

Joe is about as serious as they come in his search, and is really looking for his second half. I have seen him turn down absolutely stunning women because they were not old enough, there was no chemistry, or some other issue. He is deadly serious about finding someone with whom he can spend the rest of his life with and I know that he will find her. Again, he is still in correspondence with one or two of the women so we will see where that goes.

Again a special thanks to all of the guys and the women on the tour and especially the ones that were featured you were all great! We talk a lot about the men on the tour, but it is not easy for the women to share their personal experience with millions either. I also want to thank the whole crew, the production company, and National Geographic for believing in this very special project and believing in us, they did an extraordinary job.

Of course I have to thank all of our staff, both in the US and abroad, who made all of this possible. You just don't get off the plane and walk into the social and everything just happens. Our tours take months of careful planning - the Socials and the Customer Support the clients received during the tour ranging from arranging dates, to restaurants, to getting medicine or lost luggage, was second to none! They really care about the clients and I think it was evident to everyone who was there.

Last but certainly not least, I want to thank my wife and family. As many of you know I was lucky enough to meet my wife Tanya at a Social in St. Petersburg, Russia almost 16 years ago. Since then she has helped me in many ways and without her I know I would have never been able to accomplish the things that I have. I thought that she was wonderful in the show and still the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen!

I hope all of you did have a chance to see the show, if not I imagine they will be running it again on the National Geographic channel, just look for Bachelors Abroad and check your local listings!