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Two Brothers and a Bride

NOTE: We no longer offer this film for sale. It can be found on various streaming sites, retail outlets (Amazon, etc.) and is a good watch for those who haven't seen it before. Well worth the effort of finding it.

Two Brothers and a Bride was originally titled "A Foreign Affair". Due to other classic films that bore the same title, it seemed to the producers that using the title might (and did) cause confusion for the public and was ultimately changed. It does appear on IMDB under both titles, but is now recognized best as Two Brothers and a Bride.

The film was produced with the cooperation of A Foreign Affair, and based upon our services. The plot was somewhat sensationalized, dramatized by the producers for the purposes of entertainment (of course). The characters, generally, do not accurately reflect our typical client(s) or tour leadership. The film was essentially a comedy, so we allowed the plot to unfold as it was, without complaint, because we also have a sense of humor and enjoyed the final product just as much as the public at large. Having said this, we must again point out that our tours are conducted professionally and with much experience from our staff. The producers and cast of the film would undoubtedly agree; they all had a great time, as did we.

The film originally opened in theaters in 2003 and is somewhat dated relative to your actual current tour experience as well. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Based upon, and filmed in cooperation with, A Foreign Affair (2003). Starring David Arquette, Tim Blake Nelson & Emily Mortimer.

Two brothers need a wife after the death of their doting mother and decide that a Russian woman will best meet their needs. They learn about the realities of life and love on this romp into mail-order bride land. This heartwarming and entertaining film uses an actual tour party ( and features genuine clients and "potential wives". It's sweet, funny and oddly touching throughout.

"It's observant and thoughtful...and yeah, it's funny."

"...this is a unique little piece of work."

"...reminded me of the wild and crazy guys from the old Saturday Night Live sketches."

"Emily Mortimer...{is} really attractive and sexy and interesting"

-Ebert & Roeper

More information about the film and it's production.